Josh Mitchell recommends Rise and Defy Athletics
“I have been training with Jordan for about 25 weeks now. It has been
the best decision for my fitness goals I have ever made. For the past
ten years I have been an off and on gym rat, but I have never been
able to produce results that were long lasting that I was happy with.
I also knew very little about nutrition, save for a blog here or there
(many of which are really not that great).

ETHAN ROBERTS recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

Jordan is a total-coach. We determined my goals for body building, and
he broke down my programming into a periodically customizable plan
that I helped direct. If I wanted to focus on my upper body he would
alter it accordingly. He also taught me strength training (I had never
done the traditional “power lifts” before). He is always available
through text when I have a question about the work I am doing, no
matter if it is a day I have an appointment or not; regardless of the

He also helps direct my macros to ensure that I sustain the gains that
he has helped me achieve (30 pounds since starting), and helps direct
my cutting phase too with equal attention. All of these things, he
does at a beyond reasonable price.

I do not know any other coach who is more dedicated, passionate, and
supportive of his clients. If you want effective and long lasting
results through honest, quality coaching, you want Jordan Roskow.”

Max Goldwasser recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“Jordan is incredibly knowledgeable, and highly dedicated coach and teacher. His schedule is flexible, and he routinely works with me to develop the programming and instruction that I need to achieve my goals (which have been wide-ranging since we have started working together). Always leaning in to latest science, clinical research, and refining his plan of attack to assist you in crushing your goals, Jordan consistently demonstrates his exceptional ability for building human performance and always looking out for your needs and best interest.

Look no further. This is your coach.”

Josiah Hedges recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“Jordan is a dedicated, extremly knowledgable, and motivated coach who has helped me beyond I what I thought possible to reach my fitness goals.”

Scott Wesley Smith recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“With the help of Jordan I’ve reached my goals and set new ones. He is a true professional in his field both knowable and personable.”

Jennifer Elizabeth recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“I have been working with Jordan for a little over 2 months. I started off with CrossFit, then wanted some extra help with Olympic weightlifting. I have already notice some major improvements in such a short time. Jordan is a very patient coach. He is also always reading and updating himself and his recommendations are evidence based, which as a healthcare professional I really appreciate! I highly recommend Rise and Defy!”

Erica Bowden recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.
“I’ve been training with Jordan for about seven months. He created a program that was specifically in line with my personal goals and he’s been so kind about adapting it on the fly when an injury comes up or I’m feeling sick. He listens to how I feel about my body and pain and works with me to reach my goals in a healthy and sustainable way. Seriously, he’s a trainer who cares. He’s always ready with creative adaptations and he keeps abreast of current developments in the fitness world. Not only is he a joy to work with, but he’s knowledgeable about the details. You’ll get a great, meaningful workout and learn something new every time you see him!”
Kyle Wargo recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“Jordan offers programming across a wide variety of work outs. He takes the time to institute proper form from day one making the learning curve as small as possible. He’s helped me turn what use to be my least favorite lifts into workouts I look forward to. Can’t beat the ease of scheduling and the costume work outs every week.”

Bryan Rothwell recommends Rise and Defy Athletics.

“I have been working with Jordan for a little over two months on olympic weightlifting and he is a fantastic coach. When I first started, I could barely overhead squat a PVC pipe. I’m now able to overhead squat over 100lbs. He is very knowledgeable and shares cited research for coaching and nutrition. I highly recommend Jordan for anyone looking for coaching.”

Tejal D Desai recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

“Jordan is highly a knowledgeable fitness coach, and he does a good job of listening to clients and their goals. He programs fitness regimens that fit the individual athlete’s goals and monitors the athlete’s progress in a very scientific manner. He is a geek when it comes to lifting and physical fitness, which is perfect for people like me who don’t have the time to think of all of the important details including the proper warm up routine, managing rest, volume, rep schemes, load, and so much more for physical training. I show up, he tells me what to do, and I trust that what he’s telling me to do is going to help me achieve my goals in an efficient and healthy manner tailored to my needs. The gains I’ve witnessed in strength are a testament to his process, and I look forward to continuing on a path towards my physical fitness goals.”

Luis Rob Rivera recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

“Plenty of “Trainers” out here willing to take your money and hand you a generic workout and not give a damn when it doesn’t result in success, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then by all means. However, Jordan is not that typical personal trainer. He invests in you as an individual, tailors programs to your specific goals and needs, all while making himself available to you at every turn. Working with Jordan has taken me from unable to perform a single squat under weight without experiencing significant pain, to lifting more than I have ever lifted in my life, preparing for my first powerlifting competition and more importantly, feeling like myself again; strong. His experience as a Combat Veteran further aids in his ability to identify with unique injuries and disabilities and it shows in tangible results. I am indebted to Rise and Defy Athletics for taking on this broken down Combat Veteran and bringing me back to an active lifestyle. – DOL / RLTW – ”

Claire Rumler recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

“I’ve been training powerlifting 1-on-1 with Jordan for about a year. He’s added literally hundreds of pounds to my lifts, and made sure my technique is sound. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and always continues to educate himself. He also knows exactly how to encourage you to push yourself and be the best you can be. Absolutely recommend!”

Kyle Dorrman recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

“Jordan introduced me to crossfit and took the time to ensure I had a solid level of knowledge as well as proper technique before starting any heavy loading. This has helped ensure I am able to continuously progress as an athlete and stay injury free. Jordan is a great coach and I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Raymond Reyes recommends Rise and Defy Athletics

“Jordan demanded me to perform to my potential even when I did not see it myself. Exceptional coach and highly recommended.”