Founded By US Navy Veteran Jordan Roskow, Rise and Defy Athletics utilizes a wide array of evidence-based methodology to provide a safe, effective, and optimally challenging fitness experience to every individual. Rise and Defy Athletics is for those looking to become stronger, better, faster, and more athletic. We provide coaching to Powerlifters, Weightlifters, StrongMan competitors, CrossFit Athletes, and general strength athletes.  Training is offered to all fitness levels including beginner athletes, masters athletes, and adaptive athletes with a history of success helping our clients surpass their goals.  We believe that our athletes are all capable of more and no matter where you start we will help you rise to meet your goals, and defy expectations.

We understand the demands imposed just to make it to the gym. Rise and Defy Athletics offers strength and conditioning programming, online coaching, nutrition coaching, corporate training, and at home training in addition to facility training. Come join the Rise and Defy family today!



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Aches and Pains

“Pain: everyone has felt it, whether they train with barbells or not. It’s part of the human condition to feel aches, pains, and tweaks of the neck, back, shoulders, knees, ankles, and just about everywhere else. Sometimes we can point to an immediate precipitating cause or injury and sometimes not…..” Aches and Pains   By: … Continue reading Aches and Pains

The Belt Bible

” Whether or not you should wear a lifting belt is a surprisingly contentious subject.  Some people are adamant that you should always wear a belt with the opinion they dramatically decrease your injury risk.  Other people are adamant that you should never wear a belt, either because they think “it makes your core weak,” or … Continue reading The Belt Bible

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